Fred Is A Constant Learner. An Advertiser. Marketing Advice Giver. Tech Geek. Lover Of Graphics, Video & Music. A wannabe All-Round Creative Type Of Guy Based In Dublin.

He Has A Huge 20 Year Professional Experience Where He Has Always Tried To Push Boundaries, Challenge People For Their Very Best, And Never Settle. Because The Simple Fact Is, There is ALWAYS A Better Way.

But After All Of This, I’ve Gone Full Circle And Right Back To Keeping It Sheer Simple.

He Has Worked In The Most Diverse Mix Of Industries And Learned A Hell Of A Lot From Each But Understands That Advertising Is No Different Across The Board. The Objective Is The Exact Same.

If This Sounds Like You, Give Me A Shout, If Not, That’s Cool. I’m Sure I Can Give You Some Helpful Advice Either Way. Trust Me, I Have Learned A Lot About The Marketing World, Literally ‘000s Of Hours On Books, Videos, Courses, Lectures. My Wife Is Barely Speaking To Me. But She Understands. Marketing Is (Nearly) My Life.

So, Hopefully, We Can Work Together To Help Grow That Passion Of Yours Into Something Bigger, Better And… Maybe… Something Wonderful.



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